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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today is day 23 of Visionary Press Collaborative's 31 Days Of Halloween! The first five people to say "I want this book" will receive Don't Eat That and Other Stories, by Benjamin Bautz. This is a great collection of horror! Take my word for it!

Don't Eat That and Other Stories by Benjamin Bautz, Joann Buchanan and Daniel Bautz (Oct 21, 2014)

Book Description

October 21, 2014
Halloween approaches and Billy and his best friend Camille are excited. Trick or Treat is coming and the whole neighborhood is decorated like the Disney version of a nightmare. But something is different this year. All the residents are putting out plates of raw meat on their stoops, and go about their business with the shadow of fear on them.
What is the reason for this, and why are the adults too afraid to tell their children? Billy is determined to discover the secret, only to learn that some secrets are kept as a favor.
Bonus story-Kissing Frogs
Has a dead hotty finally found her prince charming?
Bonus Story-Tribute of Treat
There is something not quite right with this trick or treater.
Plus- Preview of Johnny Chaos-a novel by Benjamin Bautz coming soon from VCP
And, I am throwing in a fairy tale of mine, albeit this is not standard fare for such things. I hope you enjoy it.

Little Red Riding Hood

     There was once a charming lass who lived with her mother in the forest. There were only the two of them, and most families such as this would have been hard hit by living in such loneliness, but the mother had much love for her daughter, and the daughter loved her in kind, so the days and evenings went joyfully by.

     The mother made her daughter’s clothes for her, and the one garment the little girl loved above all others was a cloak with the most charming red riding hood on it which she wore all the time. Soon, because of the girl’s blazing red hair to match her cloak with the hood, she became known as Little Red Riding Hood.

     A great plague befell the kingdom where Little Red Riding Hood and her mother lived, and while they got sick at first, it appeared the worst of the disease had passed them by. Once they had regained their strength, Red’s mother was worried about her mother who lived on the other side of the forest. Hopefully, she thought, her mother was okay, but since she herself was still not strong enough to make the journey, she decided that her daughter could make the trip.

     “I wish I could go myself, dear,” she told Red, “but you have weathered this disease much better than me, and I am worried about your grandmother. Do you think you could go to your grandmother’s house and see if she is alright? Maybe you could bring her some wine and food.”

     “Oh, I would be glad to see if Grandmother is okay, Mother. You know how much I love her.”

     “These are troubled times, my dear. The going will not be easy. You must not venture off the path on the way to Grandmother’s house. Go straight there and see if your grandmother needs any help. There are many dangers waiting for you.”

     “I will go straight there and make sure that Grandmother feels well. Do you have enough food to eat while I’m gone?”

     “Yes, dear. What you prepared for me last week was so bountiful that I was able to save a lot of it.”

     Red gave her mother a big hug and kiss and set off into the forest, leaving early so as to avoid the noon heat and to avoid detection from those who might do her harm. It was such a beautiful day, and she skipped joyfully about. Not being aware of all the dangers in the forest, she encountered a wolf and did not consider him to be a threat to her. She merely pulled her hood down over her face so he would not be able to recognize her if they met again.  

     “Hello, young lady,” the wolf said. “I don’t recall seeing you in the woods before. Where are you going on such a fine day?”

     “I’m going to see Grandmother, Mr. Wolf. Mother and I have been sick, and we want to make certain that Grandmother is not sick as well.”

     “I’m sorry you have been sick. Maybe you should sit down and rest a while. Where does your grandmother live? Perhaps I could go ahead and cheer her up and tell her you are on the way.”

     “I am a little tired. I’m not used to walking this fast lately, after the plague and all. She lives at the end of the path in a little stone cottage on the left.”

     “Don’t worry, young lady. What is your name, so I can tell Grandmother who is coming?”

     “Little Red Riding Hood is my name. Thank you for being so kind.”

     “It is my pleasure, Little Red Riding Hood. I will spread the glad tidings to her.”

     That being said, he bounded away, licking his chops, thinking how grand it would be to eat Grandmother and then the child when she came by. Pickings were pretty slim since the infestation happened upon the kingdom.

     To his delight, when he arrived at the cottage, the door was open. He slipped inside and came upon the old woman lying in bed. The room was dark.

     “Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to see you, Grandmother,” he whispered in her ear. “But it will be too late for you.”

     He tore her bed clothes off and promptly ate her. Then he put on the old woman’s clothing, got under the blankets, and waited for Little Red Riding Hood. Drool fell from the corners of his mouth as he thought about the sumptuous fare on the way. To think that this day instead of meager pickings, he would feast like a king.

     Little Red Riding Hood came to the cottage door and found it open. It was not like Grandmother to leave the door open like this. Worried about what might have happened, she rushed to the bedroom and saw her grandmother in bed, but since the room was so dark, she threw back the curtains to see her grandmother better.

     An amazing transformation had come over Grandmother.

     “Grandmother, what big ears you have!”

     “The better to hear you with, my dear.”

     “And your eyes are so huge.”

     “Ah, the better to see you with.”

     “And your hands are so big and with such long nails.”

     “That makes it easier for me to hug you, my love.”

     “And your mouth is so long and your teeth look so sharp.”

     “All the better to eat you with!”

     He jumped out of bed and ate Little Red Riding Hood before she knew what had happened, tossing her clothes to the side.

     “Wow,” he thought. “I am so full I better rest before I leave.”

     In no time at all, he was sound asleep, still wearing Grandmother’s clothing.

     A Royal Huntsman out on patrol came across the cottage belonging to Grandmother, and hearing heavy snoring and seeing the door wide open, knew that something was wrong. Sneaking into the bedroom, he saw the wolf wearing her bed clothes and carefully slit his stomach open, not sure if she still might be alive if the wolf had eaten her. He was startled to see not only Grandmother but Little Red Riding Hood as well.

     Reaching in to help them out, he stopped almost before he started and backed up in fear. Both of them lunged at him at the same time, tearing him limb from limb, and as he watched in horror, they tore his stomach apart and feasted on his innards. Before he died, he felt the crunch of their teeth biting through his skull.

     “The brains are the best part, Grandmother. They are so tender.”

     Not bothering to answer her granddaughter, she merrily chomped away until there was nothing left of the huntsman to worry about.

     The filled sensation in the stomach of the wolf had turned to extreme pain, and he woke to see the little girl and her grandmother eating the last bit of the huntsman. Horror was added to the pain, and all he could think about was to get out of the cottage and as far back into the woods as he could.

     “You’re not thinking of leaving us, are you, Mr. Wolf?” Red asked. “That would be bad manners. After all, you did eat us. Should we not be allowed the same privilege?”

     The wolf sprang from the bed but his guts came out from the hole the huntsman had carved in him. Shock attacked him, but there was no way he was going to be able to reattach his innards, and he knew it. Dizzy from loss of blood and pain, he got no more than a foot or two before the two of them were on him.

     “Let me help you with those innards, Mr. Wolf,” Red said, just before tearing them out, giving half to her grandmother and keeping the rest for herself.

     Grandmother stared at the wolf as she ate, contemplating how long the furry one would be able to stand the pain. Maybe if they gave it out in small doses, they would be able to play with him longer. Yes, she was old, but the plague had given her a new birth; a new life. Being a zombie had some advantages. It wasn’t perfect, but many of the old age diseases were now gone. She felt like a child again in many ways. Why not play like one?

     But, alas. He was dying from shock. It was time for him to feel the supreme pain now. Both of them bit into his skull at the same time, Red devouring the right side and Grandmother the left. Mr. Wolf would not terrorize them anymore.   

     Still moving about in contortions as he was being consumed, the pain was unbearable, but the wolf was moving on memory alone now. There would not be enough of him left to regenerate and join the family of Zombies. The undead were not willing to share their existence easily.

     One final gasp, and it was all over for him.

     “I brought wine, Grandmother, white wine to go with the brains.”

     “Oh you sweet child. I love you so much. Thank you. Let’s drink some as we walk back to your house. I’m worried about your mother. I want to make sure she’s okay. Let’s save some for her. Does she have food to eat?”

     “Yes, I got her some last week. There are a lot less huntsmen roaming the forests now. Soon we’ll have to wander into the villages for food.”

     “When the time comes, we’ll be ready, Red. We are survivors.”

     They returned to Little Red Ring Hood’s house, and all three generations hugged and kissed. Life would not be easy from here on out, but there were now three people living in the house.

     And a lot of love . . .

Blaze McRob        


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  2. I like this fairytale based on the foundation of the Grimm Brothers.
    I also like it has a slightly optimistic ending.