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Friday, October 31, 2014


This is day 31 of 31 Days Of Halloween for Visionary Press Collaborative! Today we have five copies of Lisamarie Lamb's great story, The Bloody Jewel, to give away. I love these scary sea stories. My grandfather was a man of the sea, and he told me some super tales over the years. Let Lisa tell you hers. You will enjoy it for sure.

To win, simply say, "I want this book."


The Bloody Jewel by Lisamarie Lamb, Blaze McRob and Thomas Arensberg (Oct 9, 2014)

Book Description

October 9, 2014
My body swings from the yard arm of the ship, the Bloody Jewel, hanging where it was left when my struggles finally ceased, and I was allowed to die. Hanging where it will stay until the crows finish with it. Where it will stay until the smell becomes too much for the crew, or my spine crumbles to dust and no longer supports my ravaged, angrily abused bones. What will become of me then?
At least the other dead, my supposed victims, had a service, albeit brief, and a burial at sea. At least they are at rest, and their souls are at peace. When they killed me—tried me and condemned me—my shipmates believed they had rid their beloved ship of the monster that lived within it, that lived amongst them and tried to destroy them.
They got it wrong.



And here is a Dark little ditty I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it.


 Double Shadows

     The alley is dark, but if I want to get back to the hotel before the heavy rains come. This is the fastest route to take. My shadow is joined by a second shadow, and I instinctively turn around to see who is following me. There is no one there. Shit! I'm doing one of those double shadow things where I cast a shadow in front of me, and a second shadow forms behind me.

     I laugh as the crazy antics play out before my eyes. The shadow in the rear looks like it's trying to catch the one in front. The dark heads bob and weave, one going to the front while the other one goes to the rear. Run and chase, the one in the rear never standing a chance of catching the other one, no matter how the light filtering through the alley catches my body and casts my double en tender.

     Complete darkness occurs as streetlight after street light pops ahead of and behind me, the stench of the burned  fluorescence tearing at my throat, and making my eyes tear up. Damn! What caused this?

     No light anywhere. The city is black.

     My gut instinct says to run, but how can I run if I can't see? It was bad enough in here before with just a little light. My only course of action is to slow things down so I don't trip and break my skull open. If it rains, it rains. Too bad for me.

     I'm not alone. Scurrying sounds are everywhere, small animals most likely. Probably rats; I can hear their claws traipsing across the black top.

    Just what I need! I hate rats. I've never been bitten by one, but I've had them crawl on me, so close their whiskers cut a swath of uncertainty deep into my gut, and me not knowing if I would become a tasty snack for their voracious appetites or if I would luck out.

     I am a Pied Piper once more, the darkness drawing them out, and the sound of my rapidly beating heart acting as a pipe to attract them to me. The farther I go, the more of the bastards join in, the sound of their approach driving me crazy! Are they really there? Am I imagining the whole thing? Maybe there are only a few; maybe none at all.

     The darkness! Yes, that's what's causing the paranoia in my mind. Once I'm out of this alley, everything will be just fine. No more rats; no more scurrying sounds.

     But . . .but how do I leave? I have no way to get my bearings. There is no light anywhere. Disorientation rears its ugly head as I bump into trash dumpsters scattered about, slip on loose gravel spread around, and attempt to control the anxiety attack swelling up inside me.

     "Breathe, damn it! If you collapse, you're fucking gone. The rats will get you for sure then."

      Air! I can't get enough of it. My head spins from a lack of oxygen; my feet refuse to follow any patterns of sensibility. They flail about in bewilderment, forgetting that they have a function and they know what it is.

     The walls of the buildings move in on me, shrinking the space I have to move about in, narrowing the distance the rats have to go to get to me. Visions of rats and me being crushed together, our bodily fluids joining and becoming one, the common pool of blood  between us forming a river, running though the slanted alley road towards the sewers, creates a panorama of horror which causes me to shake, the rattling so bad the trash dumpsters I grab on to for support move about on their grease laden wheels.

     Escape! I need to escape! Everything is after me!

     There are no city noises to guide me to a place of safety. Nothing. Absolute silence. Where is everybody? The lights just went out. This isn't an apocalyptic event . Where are the fucking cars? They don't need electricity to run.

     Reaching what I believe to be a main road, I wander aimlessly about, attempting to find some way out of where I'm at and towards my hotel where, dark or not, I will be able to escape the rats and the walls closing in on me.

     Ahah! I cross the road, sure I'm on the way to my hotel, when I'm funneled back into the alley. The walls close in on me, slamming shut from where I just came, forcing me to move ahead. There are no other choices.

      What's forcing me to go through this alley? Is there purpose behind it all? Can't be. A dream of some sorts. Yes, that's it. Just a bad dream.

     But wait! Pain is coursing through my body from jockeying into walls and trash dumpsters. I shouldn't feel pain if I'm asleep. Should I?

     Again, the rats! Only now they seem bigger, their footfalls slamming into the warn pavement as if they're the size of dogs; big dogs, the size of a German Shepherd. Get a grip! There are no rats that size. It's impossible.

     Shoved to the ground by the force of these things, I repeatedly get up, only to be slapped down again, not once, but many times. And the whiskers rub up against me, taunting me, telling me there's nothing I can do about it. Damn! They are as large as they seemed.

     They herd me down the alley, not stopping in their assaults, even giving me a bite here and there to tell me what will happen if I don't go along with their wishes. The nervous sweat pouring down my body flows into all the wounds I've received creating not so sweet burning sensations that add to my anxiety.

     Once more the walls close in on me, pushing my fear of being trapped in the dark alley higher and higher. My vertigo completely gone, my dizziness makes me lurch about like a drunk, and I no longer need the assistance of the rats to knock me to the ground. Sand and gravel join the salt as they are shoved into my cuts from the impact as I roll around in my confused stupor.

     Huge, black shapes loom up ahead of me, two of them, so dark that they make the light less alley seem like a well lit thoroughfare of neon. Not a sound is uttered by them. They merely stand ahead of me, waiting ever so patiently for me to reach them. As much as I am terrified by the rats, these new entities have a much more powerful presence, and I seek to retreat from where I came from.

     Yes, I'll just force my way through these rats, finding some kind of strength, and get out of this alley.

     Shit! I can't! My retreat is blocked off again: a wall has formed behind me. My only escape lies on the other side of these monstrosities of the Dark.

     The black entities advance towards me, and the rear wall is pushing in my direction as well. There is no escape. I am doomed.   

     They hover over me and force their way into my body. The pain is excruciating as they take control of what I once was, but never will be again. My strength is sapped, but I must harken to their commands.

     We walk out of the dark alley and into a world of semi light caused by the power slowly returning to the grid. My shadows have now combined into one Dark Being. And me? I have split in half, my head bobbing one way and, the other, my rear self, trying to catch up to my front self.  

     My shadow self smiles . . .

Blaze McRob

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