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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Since we missed day 24 due to unforeseen circumstances, today Visionary Press Collaborative will have a double chance for readers to win some goodies. I declare this to be Zombie animal day. We are giving away five Kindle copies of Sam, a Lisa McCourt Hollar tale of a Zombie goldfish, and five copies of my Zombie tale with Zombie cows, Snow Of Blood. As an added bonus, the person who can tell us which Zombie, goldfish or cow that would win in an all-out battle, in the most imaginative way, will receive a copy of Lisa McCourt Hollar's novella Reawakening when it comes out in a few days.

Get your Zombie on!

Blaze McRob


Sam by Lisa McCourt Hollar, Blaze McRob, Rebecca Boucher and Rebecca Treadway (Sep 4, 2014)

 Book Description

September 4, 2014
Sam is dead. Tommy, his best friend, wants him back. Sam might only be a goldfish, but he is the only friend the neglected boy has. When Mama Tasha casts a spell to bring Sam back to life, things get a little strange and Sam develops a decidedly, un-fishlike appetite.

Extended ending included.


Snow Of Blood by Blaze McRob, Rebecca Boucher and Thomas Arensberg (Jul 16, 2014)

Book Description

July 16, 2014
Dealing with zombies is bad enough, but when you have to fight off zombie cows ... well things get a little insane at that point.


And to top it off, here is a Zombie poem from yours truly. I hope you enjoy it.
 The Lone Zombie

Rotting flesh odors on evening air drift,

mixing with sweat of nervous survivors.

En-mass they walk, strength in numbers,

intent on subsisting, needing to feed.

He waits apart from the others,

sharing their needs, not one of them.

Nature's herds are not for him,

leader still despite the change.

Addled brains that will not think,

finding  food the only thought.

Reason still within him dwells,

his soul intact though values changed.

The only food that's left to eat

is flesh of those still not altered.

For once the bodies take a turn,

a meal from them can not be had.

A body damned  unfit to eat,

so food is rendered from those who live.

The mob attacks a family fleeing,

all save one are caught and eaten.

The lucky lady not so lucky,

by him she runs so unaware.

He waits there intent to capture

his unfortunate dinner to be.

He reaches out and pulls her in,

not wasting time, his hunger filling.

And so alive the lady is eaten,

'til naught is left of any good.

His soul cries out against this deed,

yet all is changed in time and place.

A new life order has arrived,

no codes of justice left intact.

It's eat or die, as simple as that.

He can't change what has transpired,

in God-less world he now inhabits.

His needs now sated, he walks away,

and waits for yet another day.

Blaze McRob

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