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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Come one, come all! The Sideshow has come to town! 

This isn't your usual freak show, we have wonders to show you that you will not find anyplace else. 

Marvel at the Human Illumine, lose yourself in the Amazing Mirror Maze. Come for the Last Show of the Day! We have it all. 

But be careful, not all is as it appears...danger may lurk in the shadows. There are some things that should be kept in the dark. 

Ticket please...

Market Your Books is our Publicist, and they are doing a great job. But, without help from individual authors, collective authors in a multi-author book, or a Press as a whole, their hands are tied. Not completely of course, but they are limited in what they can and cannot do. 
How can we help? Post on our website and make certain you hit the twitter button. Spread your post to our page on Facebook and share to your own Facebook page.
Go to Market Your Books on twitter 
and retweet and favorite tweets. Now, I'm not just talking about only tweets pertaining to the Press or you personally. Check out the other great people over there. Retweet and follow them. Why? Because all of us help spread the word about each other. Some of our authors are doing a great job of this. Thank you.
Another amazing thing happens. People retweet items on your own website. I posted about Chasity's great story on Friday Frights this week. Not only did our publicist retweet that, on her own for free, but another super lady retweeted and put up the tweet on her own website which looks fantastic! I always meet fascinating people and am glad to tweet and retweet and even buy their books. I've gotten some great ones. Book reviews to come.
What I am saying here can work for anyone, whether you hire a publicist or not. The key element is that you need to spread the word about your book. With a publicist, it is easier. But you need to help. And by helping fellow authors, we help ourselves.
That is way cool . . .
Blaze McRob

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