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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Ok, once again, this wonderful book has been mostly written by children, a few parents and a teacher. The stories are fun. Lisamarie Lamb and her daughter Alice have a story in there, Lindsey Beth Goddard and her daughter, Simone...and her other daughter, Sophie, illustrated the story. Rebecca Fyfe's children, Gabriella, Connor and Bella, all 3 talented authors at such a young age. And not to toot my own kids horn, but Rylie and Caleb are both included in there, (yes, Caleb told me his story and I wrote it,) and Sarah Sprague is the cover artist, Blaze McRob has a fun children's poem included, and there is so much more. The proceeds from this book will be going to aid children's literacy. Also, you can order the paperback from Amazon and the Kindle version is free. Two for one is a great deal!
Kids Create is a collection of stories written by children, parents, and teachers. It is filled with magic. Inside you will find pirates, butterflies, dragons, skunks, aliens and quite a few imaginative children. This anthology is the first of what we hope to be many...

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