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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Forneus Corson: The Idea Man, by Heath Stallcup, is out! Visionary Press Collaborative is happy to welcome Heath to our family. He is consistently ranked in the Top 100 Most Popular Horror Authors  listings on Amazon. The book description below goes far in telling you about the suspense and adventure waiting for you in this great book.If you haven't yet read anything written by Heath, now is your chance.

Horror awaits you. Can you handle it?

Blaze McRob

Book Description

January 6, 2015
Nothing comes easy and nothing is ever truly free. When Steve Wilson stumbles upon the best kept secret of history’s most successful writers, he can’t help but take advantage of it. Little did he know it would come back to haunt him in ways he’d never have dreamt…even in his worst nightmares.
With his life turned upside down, his name discredited, his friends persecuted, the authorities chasing him for something he didn’t do, Steve finds himself on the run with nothing but his wits and his best friend by his side. When a man finds himself hitting rock bottom he thinks there’s little else he can do but go up…unless he’s facing an evil willing to dig the hole deeper. An evil in the business of pitting men against odds so great, they risk losing their very souls in the attempt to escape…

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Heath Stallcup was born in Salinas, California and relocated to Tupelo, Oklahoma in his tween years. He joined the US Navy and was stationed in Charleston, SC and Bangor, WA shortly after junior college. After his second tour he attended East Central University where he obtained BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He then served ten years with the State of Oklahoma as a Compliance and Enforcement Officer while moonlighting nights and weekends with his local Sheriff's Office. He still lives in the small township of Tupelo, Oklahoma with his wife and three of his seven children. He steals time to write between household duties, going to ballgames, being a grandfather to five and being the pet of numerous animals that have taken over his home. Visit his site at or at for news of his upcoming releases.

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