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Monday, March 16, 2015

Poetry Call for Submission #ebola #orphans #poetry

We are calling for poetry submissions to raise money for children orphaned by Ebola. 
Our first project is to create a poetry book entitled "A Song for Liberia." Liberia was the hardest hit country by the disease and we have found an organization that takes no admin fees so all the money our book raises will go to the care of the orphans. For more information on the orphanage go here.

Though this project/ book thematically  is open for interpretation, we would like you to consider how you  as a poet can write a "song" that conveys the following: sadness at the loss for these children left alone,  a message of hope to the children, and  a call to the community at large to remember these little lives as they forge ahead. This is meant to be a work of encouragement rather than a sounding board for political opinions.

If you are a poet and would like to submit your work please do the following:

1 - select  your work for submission (up to *3 poems, 5 haiku)
*poems that are 22 lines are going to be easier to format and keep on one page. We can take a few poems longer than 22 lines but length will be a consideration as we layout the book. Work that is archived from your blog is acceptable for submission.
2 - We (Visionary Press Collaborative) are granted the "one time right" to publish your work.
By making a submission,  you are agreeing to give Visionary Press Collaborative  the right to use your poem(s)  for publication at which time the rights revert back  to you the owner.
3 - This is a charity endeavor and as such no one will be paid any fees for their work or art.
  • You as a writer/ artist  can take pride in the fact that all the profit goes to the orphans and their care
  • You will benefit from the exposure in being part of this project as your work is considered a published piece
  • Sharing in such a project can positively build a base for people to find you and your writing.
  • We are sorry that we cannot offer a complimentary copy of the work.

If you are interested in submitting your work you can read more details here.
Leslie Moon is the contact for this project and can be reached at

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