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Thursday, March 19, 2015


What a worthy case... I will definitely see what I can add to this project Leslie... awesome thanks Bjorn you have such a big (talented) heart!|By Sherry Blue Sky
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Below is the opening snippet to a great interview between Leslie Moon and Sherry Blue Sky at Poets United. Go to the link above and read the entire interview. This is a great interview about a serious situation: children orphaned by Ebola in Liberia.
Read away and see what she is spear-heading.
Blaze McRob

 Today, my friends, we have a serious topic to discuss, and the way one poet is trying to help. One of our own, Leslie Moon of Moondustwriter's Blog, is a poet whose love and pain over the plight of the children of the world often shows up in her poetry. And she doesn't just care, she takes action to help. I asked Leslie to tell us about the project she is currently working on, an anthology of poetry, which will raise funds for the children orphaned by Ebola in Liberia. I asked Leslie if she would chat with us about the situation, and let us know how we might help. We will need strong coffee for this, my friends. Pull your chairs up close and let's dive in.

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