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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As many of you know, I attended the World Horror Convention and Bram Stoker Awards Ceremony with Terri DelCampo the other week. I hope you had a chance to catch many of the great posts put out and about by many of my friends.

On a personal level, I was excited to have been a part of all of that happened. Terri and I met many wonderful authors, movie people, publishers, and others. The horror community is a rather eclectic group. I will have a number of posts pertaining to the many wonderful people we met and our experiences. This first one is very basic and covers what I absorbed from many people.

For those of you with aspirations of someday winning a Bram Stoker Award, my ideas that I got from my peers are pretty simple.

1. Write a great book. Make sure your book is unique. Readers don't want to read the same worn out scenarios. You'll need a great cover, super editing, and formatting that is spot on.

Let's take zombie tales as an example. Dumb, mindless zombies beset by a world-wide virus won't grab the same attention anymore. A different approach is needed.

2. New monsters are cool. Write about them. Some of the most fascinating authors and the books they have are totally their own. My friends at Deadite Press, where Brian Keene hangs his hat, are total goofballs. I say that in the nicest of ways. I could not believe some of their books. Totally cool.

3. This should not be a dog eat dog world as far as publishing goes. We're all in this together. Play nice. Make friends with other presses. Who knows, like Armand Rosamilia, you could wind up in some new  great anthologies with super presses.

4. Get out in the world. Meet people: readers, other authors, publishers. Press the flesh. Attend conventions. They are great for exposure. And . . . and they are fun. I was shocked at the number of people who knew me through my blog posts over the years. They were genuinely happy to find out I was a real person. Well, as real as I'll ever be.

5. Use online resources wisely. How are your readers going to find you if you have no links? They can't. It's that simple. Share the word about others on your website. Promote their books. Be a decent person.

6. Join the Horror Writers Association. They are working hard to make a huge difference in the horror world. The more people helping out, the better.

The above tips are only a beginning. I will have more on the way. Even if you have no aspirations to win awards, you'll want to use these basic strategies to sell your books.

To all the great people I met at the Convention, thank you for making me feel welcome. I can hardly wait 'til we meet again. And I eagerly await meeting other super people!

Blaze McRob     

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