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Friday, June 12, 2015


Yes, I'm sure all of you are aware by now that Christopher Lee, a truly magnificent actor in horror movies and many non-horror movies as well has passed. But, I merely wish to pass on to you a great piece I found in The New York Times which I feel pays this great man proper homage. I have only included a short piece below. You can go to the link above and read the article in its entirety.

Thank you.

Blaze McRob

                                                               *    *    *    *

"Christopher Lee, the physically towering British movie actor who lent his distinguished good looks, Shakespearean voice and aristocratic presence to a gallery of villains, from a seductive Count Dracula to a dreaded wizard in “The Lord of the Rings,” died on Sunday in London. He was 93.
An official for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London confirmed the death, The Associated Press reported.

 Mr. Lee was 35 when his breakthrough film, Terence Fisher’s British horror movie “The Curse of Frankenstein,” was released in 1957. He played the creature. But it was a year later, when he played the title role in Mr. Fisher’s “Dracula,” that his cinematic identity became forever associated with Bram Stoker’s noble, ravenous vampire, who in Mr. Lee’s characterization exuded a certain lascivious sex appeal . . ."

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