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Sunday, June 14, 2015


10 Tips for Authors to Handle Bad Book Reviews...1. Do nothing!...

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 Are you one of the authors who goes ballistic when you receive a bad review? Perhaps you only perceive it to be a bad review. Every author receives reviews from time to time that are not Five or Four Stars. The good folks at Indie Author News have come up with a pretty decent article on how to handle them. Personally, I'm suspicious if all the reviews for a book are 5's or 4's. 

I found this article to be most interesting and informative. I hope you will too.

Below, I have only posted the very beginning of this post as a teaser. Hit the link above to read the entire post.
Blaze McRob

10 Ways for Authors to Handle Bad Reviews

For most Authors, receiving a Bad Review feels like a punch to the stomach. It hurts, takes your writing enthusiasm, and sucks the power out of you. Anger, self-doubt, and skepticism can often accompany these feelings.

It's not pretty but it comes with the profession of being an author. The key is not to take it personally - it's part of the business. We have rarely seen books who have no bad reviews - have a look at these examples (found on Amazon):

- "This is actually a horribly written boring piece of literature. It took me 2 days just to get past the horrible first chapter because there was nothing going on to keep me reading. And I figured if it is already this slow and boring than I have to stop. Stay away from this disgustingly overrated book and disgustingly bad writer." Review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

- "I was bored out of my mind from start to finish. With every turn of the page, I thought it'd get better, thinking surely something interesting had to happen or else people wouldn't be so obsessed with it." - Review of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

- "I'd like to say the book had potential, but I don't think it did." - Review of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

- "Maybe it has a deep meaning that I didn't get, but honestly, no! It's just not worth the read." - Review of Carrie by Stephen King

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