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Monday, June 22, 2015


 I am way behind this month. Damn me anyway! However, I have included a link to Summer Of Zombie 2015 above. There are many great authors participating this year. Get in on the fun! Many thanks to Armand Rosamilia for assembling so many great authors.

I have only included the opening section of the post from Armand's website. Go to the link above and you will see somewhere in the vicinity of 100 posts either already posted or on the way. Some of the best authors in the world are there. There is more info, contests, and such on the Facebook page

Don't miss out. Any previous links will still be there for you to read.

Blaze McRob 


Here (for your convenience) you will find all of the various posts for the #SummerofZombie 2015 event… and we’re looking at over 100 posts!
Feel free to reblog and/or share any and all of these posts to help promote the zombie authors as well as letting new readers know what is out there!

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