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Monday, June 15, 2015


Jennifer Stricklin responded to one of my posts the other day in a most charming way. Being the gallant lad I am, I told her she should send me a post on the subject at hand. Well, she did just that. Yay! Below, I have only included a snippet of her post. Merely hit the link above and read the post in its entirety. I know you will love it. How could you not? Jennifer is cool!

Blaze McRob

To Be, Or Not To Be… Myself

I wanted to start a blog years ago. I agonized for many years on what to write about. “What would be marketable?” “What would appeal to the most readers?” So, instead of writing, I just spent time thinking about writing.
I have never been a politically correct type of person. I tend to have no filter between my brain and mouth. I curse like a sailor and also have a history of alienating people. Quite a few years ago, I went to a goth club. It was recommended to me by someone who realized that not only have I never fit in, but I was one of the few people who never really tried to. I found myself amongst a group of goths at the bar and I asked them what the whole “goth” thing was about. The answer I received was, “It is about expressing your individuality!” As I looked around at all the black clothing, black hair, black nail polish, and clunky shoes, I couldn’t help saying, “Then why is everyone dressed the same?” Without answering my question, the group seemed to dissolve and I found myself alone. I didn’t really care about what goth was so decided it was not worth pursuing the matter . . .

For the entire post, go to:

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