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Saturday, June 20, 2015


I was very bad and stole this from Joe Mynhardt's Facebook page. Joe is the Publisher/Owner/Chief Editor at Crystal Lake Publishing. His success is growing in leaps and bounds. So is his popularity. Go to the link above and read some of his Facebook posts and you will see why.

Enough of me. Read this post from Joe Mynhardt:

Blaze McRob

                                                              *    *    *    *

"As requested in my previous status, here is a bit of advice for authors (self-pubbed or traditional) and small press publishers:
* Treat it as a business right from the start. I don't care if you only have two short stories published. Start a website, hook it up with a newsletter, and start building that mailing list. It'll be your biggest promotional tool after a few years.
* Work harder than you've ever had. Hey, if you really love it, it'll almost be easy.  Don't try to do it all on your own. Meet people with the same drive and passion you have and outsource. Even if you just start a small writers group. Even a readers group will do.
* Be nice to people. Rant and rave at the mirror, but keep it off your status. You can't become a professional if you don't act like one.
* Research! Research! Research! Websites, forums, books, marketing, platforms, publishers, markets, Amazon algorithms. Once you can't find a book that teaches you anything new, choose a new topic.
* Learn all the traditional methods of writing or publishing, search the weird ones that sometimes work, and follow your own personality to create new ones. Stand out from the crowd, but don't try to reinvent the wheel.
* Help your fellow authors/publishers/friends. As much as your busy schedule can allow. Unfortunately you'll have to learn how to say no (and you really do need to take care in how you say it).
* Take care of your body. Exercise. Eat right. There are a lot of risks to sitting through most of your life. Just don't get hit by a car on a dirt road.
* Stay organized. Since it's a business, keep record of everything. Save everything. Every file, every email.
*Be honest. Be sincere.
* Quality!
*If you're an author, finish your novel or whatever you're busy with, and start writing a series. You can thank me later.
* Don't rush into a project, but be prepared for anything. Never take a gamble unless you've done everything humanly possible to succeed. You're in the public eye, or at least trying to get there.
* Make people notice you, and most opportunities will come to you.
* Great covers and awesome blurbs go a long way.
* Take time to think ahead. See where you are and where you'd like to be. Work out a plan of attack/action. Research those who have already walked that path. If you can be creative in your writing, why can't you be creative in your strategies? Being an idea factory (someone actually called me that once - what an awesome compliment).
* And for goodness sake, don't act like you're the biggest thing since coffee. You'll quickly start sliding back down the... let's call it the Slope of Success.
* Use Amazon's promo tools.
I'm sure I've missed many, many things (POLICE ACADEMY, anyone?), so feel free to add stuff in the comments. I'm sure there are lots of people who'll find it useful.
Then get back to work."

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