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Friday, July 31, 2015


From Dusk Til Dawn is out now. This is one hot anthology! This is romance geared for adult readers. It includes horror, paranormal, and erotica. It has so much between the covers, pardon the pun, that I included the Amazon book description as well as the one on Smashwords. The anthology is up on Amazon in paperback, with Kindle on the way, and on Smashwords in ebook form. Here are the table of contents and book descriptions. There are a number of award winning authors in this book. Check it out. Summer just got hotter!

Blaze McRob


Demon ~ by Rob M. Miller
Every Storm Runs Out of Rain ~ by Becca
Sins of the Flesh ~ by Heather Lyn
Lover Unseen ~ by Ken Goldman
Unraveling Lycan Code ~ by Ava Markoli
Whiskers ~ by Jill S. Behe
The Enforcer ~ by Blaze McRob
Hearts for my Love ~ by Benjamin Bautz
One of Those Nights ~ by Vekah McKeown
Open Locks, Whoever Knocks ~ by Timothy C.
Midnights Kiss ~ by Chasity Conley
Twilight Interlude ~ by Quinn Cullen

From Dusk Til Dawn’s impressive line-up of writers take us on an incredible journey. In their own unique, sensual, charismatic, and of course horrifying way, each of the authors allows us a glimpse into the secret world that exists beneath the protective veil of darkness. Within the pages of “From Dusk Til Dawn” you’ll be enthralled by these tales involving creatures that invade our homes and roam our streets at night. In some of the stories the main characters are paranormal, in others, they are merely human beings. Psychotic, but human all the same. So…join me in turning the pages…if you dare.

                                                                 *    *    *    *

In their own unique, sensual, charismatic, and of course horrifying way, each author allows us a glimpse into the secret world that exists beneath the protective veil of darkness. 
Never…not in your wildest dreams… would you believe the creatures of the night that invaded your dreams as a child were real… right? Think again. Do you remember those times, when, even as an adult, in the middle of the night you were startled awake? You woke up confused and trembling, never understanding why, or even knowing what it was that drew you out of your slumber. Believing that a nightmare was the cause, you made light of the screams, and the moans, and the whispers that remained in your head.
“From Dusk Til Dawn” gives us a glimpse into the realm of darkness, the time of day, or rather night, when those unimaginable creatures of the dark come out to play. And the things that they do…and who they do it with...well...romance will surely take on a new meaning, and you might never again turn off the lights.


  1. It is amazing, Chasity! Even more so because you're in it. All great authors in this baby!


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