- BOXED SET, $3.99. VAMPIRES HAVE STORIES TO TELL! The series spans many human lifetimes because it is the story of vampires. The saga begins in Victorian England and ends there, but takes the reader...

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I ran across this great deal while reading through Creepy Walkers: Ink!headlines. Rebecca Treadway finds great stuff for those of you looking for news about the horror world. 

Carole Gill writes great horror and this is a super opportunity for you to grab four of her greatest works. Waste no time! One never knows how long this great deal will last.

Blaze McRob

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Do you like paranormal romance and horror combined?
If you do, this series is for you! 
The four novels in The Blackstone Vampires Series continue one upon the other. If vampires are immortal, their stories and what can happen to them is a saga! So go for it, they're waiting for you in The Blackstone Vampires Omnibus. ALL FOUR NOVELS ARE priced no more than one novel! 

After discovering her savagely murdered family, Rose Baines is plunged into a nightmare of hell. She is incarcerated in two madhouses, after which she is helped to obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House. Located on haunted moorland, nothing is as it seems for the House and its inhabitants have hideous secrets. There is unimaginable horror there, and love too--love that comes at a terrible price.

Eco, first seen in the previous book, has documented all of the sins he has committed during the course of his immortal life. Trying to get Rose to forgive him, he forces Rose to read his journal by holding her children hostage.

Vampiric orgies and satanic rites fill the pages of this book. All of the hideous secrets of Blackstone House are revealed. Every evil that Rose Baines was subjected to is closely examined, as are those who committed the worst sins against her.

After the tragic and sudden death of her groom, Dia, cursed by Dracula as a babe, is taken to his castle. Once there, she is seduced and turned by the count and becomes his fourth bride. Dia's tale is full of erotic sex and graphic violence. It is a tale of love and lust but mostly of blood, for the blood is everything.