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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


 Go to the link above and access some valuable information from Mark Coker on publishing Ebooks. Self-pubbed and Small Press authors and Presses can gain some insight here. I think it's pretty cool the way Mark set this up for you. I have included only the beginning of his post below. Happy reading!

Blaze McRob

How to Publish Ebooks - An Ebook Publishing Intensive

How to publish ebooks - An ebook publishing intensive by Mark Coker
Last week I presented a series of four 90-minute workshops at the Pacific Northwest Writers conference in Seattle.  The workshops were presented in logical order so I could take writers from introduction to expertise over the course of six hours.

For your viewing pleasure, I consolidated the four presentations into a single online deck and embedded it below.  The presentation teaches writers how to self-publish ebooks with greater pride, professionalism  and success.

If you know a writer who's evaluating their publishing options, or they're struggling to reach readers and could benefit from some fresh ideas, please share it with them.  Whether a writer aspires to publish indie, traditional or hybrid, there's something for everyone in here.  The presentation will also be useful to the hundreds of small independent presses that work with Smashwords.

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