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Friday, July 24, 2015


 Not everyone is aware that Visionary Press Collaborative showcases great authors with fantastic short stories every week on a website and Facebook page. We invite everyone to join in on the fun. Friday Frights is where you can find these dark stories. Here are the links:

Today, I want to spotlight a superb example of what you will find there. Terri DelCampo's story Rapture will pull you in immediately. I have only included a snippet below. Go to and read the story in its entirety. You'll be glad you did.

Blaze McRob

Greetings Friday Fright fans!  This month the theme is Terror in the Water.  Chills! 
Terri DelCampo
Chilesa had been named for the country in which she'd been conceived, her father a fisherman who had visited the commune of Cisnes, Chile and promptly fell in love with Chilesa's mother, married her, started up his fishing business and never left to return to his United States homeland.
This came as no big surprise to anyone, as he'd traveled to Chile not only for the fish, but to catch himself a woman.  Not a whore, mind you, but a wife.  And indeed a wife he found. 
Now his daughter hoped her father's Maritime knowledge and experience would guide her, for her fianc√©, Javiar, was a good man and would never have willfully abandoned her, she knew for certain.  He was as faithful and steady as the rhythm of the rolling waves of the sea, ever there. 
Except now he wasn't.  He hadn't returned to shore with the waves.  The great arms of the ocean came to her devoid of her love, carrying only the empty shell of his fishing vessel, named for her, the love of his life, he and his crew forever lost, as she'd been told. 

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