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Monday, August 17, 2015


Jack Of Spades, by C.B. Doyle, is on the way! The photo above is not the book cover. I have included it as a teaser only. Speaking of teasers, here is one from C.B.'s story:

JULIE WAS RUNNING. She felt the air fingering through her hair, and the grass brushing featherlike beneath bare feet, teasing her to run faster. A black and white leaf fluttered by her face, bringing Julie to a sudden stop. Black and white? How odd. She retraced her last steps and there on the ground it lay. Her shadow fell across the object as she stared downwards before deciding to pick it up. It was not a leaf but a playing card, black and white with a trace of red. “Why, it’s the Jack of Spades, Julie said aloud before the wind returned with a fierce, dry rushing roar, whipping her hair into her eyes, and ripping the card from her hand.
She woke from the dream with a gasp, bedcovers cast about her. With the rain beating on her bedroom window and the walls vibrating with the thunder, she groped for the journal on the nightstand. With a slender pen wedged at the correct page, she wrote: Was this a dream? A nightmare? A warning or message I cannot understand? Julie quickly sketched the card as it appeared on the ground with her shadow across it and titled it Jack of Spades. The rain was now soft upon the sill with the sky brightening, but Julie turned off her light and returned to sleep.

                                                                  *    *    *    *

Look for this great book soon!

Blaze McRob

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