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Thursday, September 24, 2015


This is a short post about Boxed Sets and Marketing.

I have been wondering for a while now about the reasoning behind selling boxed sets of ebooks on Amazon, whether they be single or multiple authored. For a multi-author boxed set, a reader might latch onto it because one of her/his favorite author's books is in it. The reader then can get another great book from an author they love and find new authors they haven't discovered yet who could very well turn out to be a new favorite for them. That's a good marketing angle. That leads to possible sales to the new author's books. That's a definite plus.

What I see as a huge minus for me is the fact that no one is making money off this. Let's say there are eight authors involved in the boxed set and it sells for .99, as most of them do. The boxed set receives royalties of around .35. Each author gets .07. Hmm. Not cool.

Another thing I've noticed is that this has seemingly plateaued. Some authors in the Top 100 Horror Authors list on Amazon involved with boxed sets have seen a sharp reduction in their rankings. Some are no longer in the Top 100. I'm sure many of them will get back in there in a hurry. However, for now, at least, it appears to me that boxed sets have lost their luster, much like the free books have. I think anyone who has ever read any of my marketing posts knows how I feel about that. In short: no free books on Amazon from me.

As with anything else in this wonky world we call publishing, there is no one answer. An author has to stay on top of everything and not be afraid to change and adapt.

As for me, I have tons of stuff coming out soon. I plan on making sales via the novel and short story collection route. I have no plans of using boxed sets. Yes, Smashwords and Amazon both like them, but that doesn't mean I have to use them. They are my books and I will publish them my way. That being said, there are many tricks I use from my successful author friends. I have posted some of them here and on my personal website in the past and will continue to do so.

Selling boxed sets for more than .99 could be an alternative. $2.99 or above to get 70% royalties. 99. for a few days or a week might also work, but, in my opinion, .99 forever makes no sense.

Let me know how you feel about this. Readers have to love these boxed sets. How do you authors feel? Am I full of crap with my thinking? I have thick skin. Let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Blaze McRob

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