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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Laurie Ricard and I were discussing book titles the other day. An interesting thing happened. I went to Amazon and found out that the titles we liked the best for a book of hers were already taken. Titles are not copyrighted, but a book title should be specifically targeted for one story for one author only. How can someone find your book if every Tom, Dick, and Harrietta has used it? No can do. One title had page upon page of books with that title. Nightmare central.

Even if a new title you come up with doesn't grab you the way your first title did, you'll need a new one for sure if the title field is crowded. I have a novel I wrote and want to get published with the title Say It Again, Sam. It is the perfect title. Obviously, a lot of other people thought the same thing for their books. Must be a lot of Casablanca fans running around loose. So, new title it will be.

Think this out in advance, my friends. If you're like me and don't start your story until you have the title in your head, your writing will go much smoother when the gray matter is wrapped around your personal title.

Happy writing!

Blaze McRob   

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