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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


October Frights Blog Hop starts today. Clarissa Johal jumps ahead. Her link is above and will take you to her site where you will see what the lady behind this great event is giving away. Let me assure you, there is great booty involved.

I stole this list of the Blog Hop participants from Clarissa's website so you can see the fantastic folks involved. There are some very talented people here. I'm sure most of you, like me, know the mastery at the craft these great authors share.

You'll notice I am on this list. I will be giving away some super books during this time period. I'll keep you posted as to which books will be on my list.

Keep your eyes peeled because there will be days where a number of people will be involved. Clarissa's website will be quite active. So will mine. So will others'.

Happy Blog-hopping!

Blaze McRob

2015 October Frights Blog Hop
October 1-10th 

1. Clarissa Johal, Author of Paranormal & Gothic Horror  
2. Duncan Ralston, Author of Gristle & Bone  
3. Blaze McRob  
4. Kerry Alan Denney aka The Reality Bender  
5. Thomas S. Flowers, Author of Reinheit  
6. A. F. Stewart  
7. Kindra Sowder  
8. Cinsearae S.  
9. Randy Speeg  
10. Miracle Austin  
11. Brandy Jeffus Corona  
13. Clay and Susan Griffith  
14. A Diamond In The Dark  
15. Precious Monsters  
16. Nickronomicon  
17. C.W. LaSart  
18. The Cerebral Writer  
19. Barbara Custer  
20. Katie M John  
21. Lexa Cain  
22. Mary Rajotte  
23. Belinda Frisch (Mystery, Thriller, Horror Author)  
24. S.C. Hayden  
25. Ash Krafton  
26. E.J. Stevens @ From the Shadows  
27. J.H. Moncrieff - Things That Go Bump In The Night  
28. C. Lee Spencer - Love/Kroft  
29. Nicola C. Matthews: Paranormal Fantasy Author  
30. Elizabeth Kelly  
31. KM Randall  
32. Anne Michaud  
33. Steve Vernon  
34. Brick Marlin  
35. Debbie Christiana  
36. Angela Yuriko Smith  
37. Not Now...Mommy's Reading  
38. Cathrina Constantine  
39. Kerry Adrienne  
40. E. Chris Garrison  
41. Scott Scherr (Don't Feed The Dark)  
42. Crymsyn Hart  
43. Zrinka Jelic  
44. B.K. Brain  
45. Toni Bunnell  
46. greydogtales  
47. Chris Verstraete - GirlZombieAuthors  
48. BookwormBridgette's World  
49. Juli D. Revezzo~Paranormal author                    


  1. Keeping my eyes peeled, Blaze. Nice to be in the hop with you! :)

    1. A lot of fun, Lexa. Glad you are here as well.