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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Yogi Berra has died at the age of ninety. I was a Jersey boy and would get on the bus in Hudson County and go to New York and watch many a great Yankees game. Yogi was a true gentleman as well as being a fantastic player. This dates me, I know, but I miss those days of watching him play along with the other Yankee greats.

Yogi never made any more than $65,000 in a season, yet he gave all he had to the game, his fans, and, of course, his family.

I don't watch professional sports much today. We don't have people of Yogi's character anymore. Yes, that's my personal feeling, but it's one I feel is true. As a kid, I looked up to Yogi. He deserved it then and he does now. Play some more ball where you are now, Yogi. The rest of your team awaits you. You are All-Star all the way.

Blaze McRob

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NEW YORK (AP) — Yogi Berra, the Hall of Fame catcher renowned as much for his dizzying malapropisms as his record 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees, has died. He was 90.
Berra died of natural causes Tuesday at his home in New Jersey, according to Dave Kaplan, the director of the Yogi Berra Museum.
"While we mourn the loss of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, we know he is at peace with Mom," Berra's family said in a statement released by the museum. "We celebrate his remarkable life, and are thankful he meant so much to so many. He will truly be missed."

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