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Friday, October 9, 2015


For Day Ten - the final day- of October Frights Blog Hop I have bundles of five great horror short stories to give away.
How many winners? Ten lucky winners. Each winner gets all five of these books!

How do you win? Simply tell me on this post you would like these fantastic books. Easy peasy. I will send the winners Smashwords coupon codes so you get it for free. No information of yours needs to be compromised. Some folks are leery about releasing their email address like Kindle wants, so I think this is a better option. If you want to send me a PM on Facebook, that is okay too. I can give you the codes there too. Smashwords has many ebook outlets, including a way to read on Kindle.

The Bainbridge Witch
“Upon the town the witch placed a curse, Vowing she’d return, to do her worst. Your children will vanish, to never be found, Their fate unknown beneath the ground. I’ll drink their blood, and eat their hearts, Their eyes I’ll bake into juicy tarts. Dare you to think that I can die, Your arrogance will be your own demise."

Like most guys, Ted hates to admit Time is catching up with him. When the lead in his pencil isn’t up to the occasional “scribble” anymore, the reality is sadly unavoidable. Even worse, when the pills, potions, and powders won’t work, the only choice left seems to be accepting Fate and drinking heavily. 
The undead cross paths with a psychopath. Dennis is haunted by his failings; his mother, father and wife were killed by the zombies that have infested the world and they blame him. Locked in the basement, his family haunts his dreams and even his waking hours.

Beware The Mold
In the mountains of West Virginia the mushrooms have begun to spread from inside the caves where they have grown, left in peace to the darkness of their world. Now though, strip mining has opened their world and allowed escape. The pigs were the first to encounter the new life, devouring the mushrooms. But humans ate the pigs and the hunger that followed couldn't be sated. 
Dark Visions: Trick or Treat
When the witch-smeller comes to town, spreading fear and mistrust among the citizens, he hopes they'll point out the "witches" among them. But the last thing he expects to find is a real witch.

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Search out the link above for other great Blog Hop participants! 
Blaze McRob

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