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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Finding A Voice, by Jeffrey Hollar, is a blend of short horror stories and articles giving glimpses into why he chose to write. It is a special work to me because I got to edit it and found out many things about Jeffrey Hollar that I did not know. I love what makes an author tick musings. There are not too many in this book to smother you with Jeff's back-story. Just enough to allow you to appreciate his tales of horror. This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

For the holiday season, it is available in both Kindle and paperback versions. Happy reading.

Blaze McRob

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Book description:

 Finding A Voice is the material realization of one writer's quest to find his place, to establish his identity, to find his niche in the ever-expanding world of independently-published literary offerings.

By Lori Parker on February 22, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Jeffrey Hollar writes with a twisted point of view that has both made me laugh and cringe, since I read his 2013 horror holiday collection. His prose are like the train wreck you can't help but watch. Now, his publisher, Visionary Press Cooperative, has asked me to review more of his work - FINDING A VOICE.

This 2014 collection doesn't follow one particular theme, unless you count that the narrators of each tale most often find their lives upset, dysfunctional, or beyond redemption. Each tale is only a handful of pages long; just when you get comfortable with the characters, Jeff tosses in a wrench, and the next story begins. Most barely qualify as short-shorts and are more the character sketches authors write to better find the voice of a protagonist, while exploring the idea of writing a novel-length manuscript. Such exhibit excellent character-development and world-building for their length, but few satisfy with a conclusion to the tale's plot. I find these unfulfilled plots frustrating in many instances; I'm not a cliffhanger person.

Sample protagonists:

* Social worker for the mythical races
* Alice-not-in-Wonderland
* Magazine model
* 1960s Small-town couple in love
* Dying child
* Vengeful teenage shapeshifter

The genre of horror isn't all ghosts and demons. Hollar is a master at describing its scope of possibilities to his readers. I'm not generally a horror reader, but he has caught me up in his characters' troubles time and again. I do plan to strangle him for planning so much bodily harm to so many innocents though (Bad Jeff! Bad!).

Yes, I like this author enough to talk to him outside of writing reviews. He is a very witty conversationalist on Facebook and Twitter. I'm always pleased when an author's personality carries over from his work to his social networks. Quirky - That's Jeff!

Jeff's holiday collection is...
Dark Holidays
  By Rachel (Dunick) Tucker on April 25, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Since obtaining this book, I've made it a daily habit to read just one of his short story/niblets .. because I found that to be the very best way to savor Jeffrey's writings. At first, I eagerly dove into the words, reading one after the other, but I found myself overwhelmed and off balance. So, when i began reading the pieces one at a time and letting the amazingly well-written words sink into my hungry eyes and mind, I got the best experiences ever! I'm nearly finished (yes, I know I could have finished "Finding a Voice" ten times by now at the rate of fast reading that I'm capable of, but I find myself holding back, not wanting it to be over. His words are so focused and the descriptives so beautifully orchestrated, that it's like having a pop-up book leap up into my vision, and I'm "there" with the characters. The best part, though, is that as I read and absorb the words, the flow, I think I've got it all figured out what'll happen next, and WHAM! he gets me with a crazy twist that I never saw coming, and I have to remember to pick my jaw up off the ground! I look forward to buying more of Jeff's books, so that I can experience more of this wondrous style of writing that is his very own, totally unique. Mind you, I actually "bought the book" in paperback form. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just so much more fitting to have to "wait" to turn the page, to touch the paper over-flowing with excitement and twists and turns. Bravo to you, Jeff! I gave you a full five-star salute!

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