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Friday, January 1, 2016


Beware The Mold is a short tale that I think will grab your interest. Do you enjoy Zombie stories but get tired with the conventional infection followed by mindless walkers? None of that in this tome. Pull up a chair and have a good read of horror. This is thinking person's terror.

Evil abounds.

Blaze McRob

                                                           *    *    *    *

Book description:

 In the mountains of West Virginia the mushrooms have begun to spread from inside the caves where they have grown, left in peace to the darkness of their world. Now, though, strip mining has opened their world and allowed escape. The pigs were the first to encounter the new life, devouring the mushrooms. But humans ate the pigs and the hunger that followed couldn't be sated.

Format: Kindle Edition
Review: Beware the Mold, by Blaze McRob
January 25th, 2015

Beware the Mold, by Blaze McRob is a delightful tale of a family’s struggles and eventual reunification. I say delightful, because I enjoyed the visual effects that player the story out in my mind, due to the well-written descriptions. The main character’s internal struggle with his situation created a fire of curiosity for me which caught my attention from the start. This quick paced read had my heart pounding through each stage of the plot. I shared his emotions, and my adrenaline surged with each victory. (I also felt the need to wash my hands when the story was over.) Zombies, gore, and a twisted sense of family values enrich each page. Come, feast on this story, and get your fill of twisted from the mind of this brilliant writer – but remember – beware the mold!

Jo-Anne Russell ~ Author of “The Nightmare Project.” 
  By Cornelia Benavidez on September 11, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
The creep factor creeps up on you in this all American Zombie tale.

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